Hunts for the Brave

Hunts for the Brave Mission Statement:

Hunts for the Brave is an affiliate organization of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife. We are a nonprofit, 501(c)3, dedicated to serving the “Brave.”  All contributions go directly towards funding our Mission.

Our Mission:

To honor and acknowledge the service and sacrifices of the “Brave.”  The “Brave” includes members of our Armed Forces who defend our freedom; Public Servants who have performed a heroic act; or youth fighting to overcome serious ailments. This will be accomplished by providing memorable outdoor recreational opportunities for the “Brave” as a way of rewarding their service or heroism and providing an opportunity to heal their mind and spirit in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Our Goals:

“Hunts for the Brave” is committed to seeking opportunities and the means to improve the lives of the “Brave” as our way of showing gratitude, rewarding exceptionalism, and otherwise acknowledging the “Brave” for their service, actions, and sacrifices. We will provide outdoor-related recreational activities for the “Brave” and their families in order to promote healing, bonding, and the strengthening of family relationships and values.

Our Vision:

“Hunts for the Brave” is committed to continue our Mission as long as there are brave men and women serving our country; police, firemen, and emergency services personnel protecting our communities; and children facing life-threatening illnesses or affected by disabling injuries. We will further seek to expand our capabilities and resources in order to reach many more deserving “Brave” through the recruitment of volunteers and by networking with and/or partnering with other organizations with similar objectives. Above all, “Hunts for the Brave” will remain an all-volunteer organization dedicated to serving the “Brave.”